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Picture of Elizabeth Larson

The safety of Lake County’s roadways is a matter of great concern not just for drivers but for officials and agencies across a broad spectrum – from health to planning, public works to law enforcement.

Picture of Elizabeth Larson

Lake County's roads, combined with drivers under the influence, have led to an increasingly deadly situation on the county's roadways.

Picture of Elizabeth Larson

Sweeping vistas, clear blue skies, colorful countryside – all define the geography of California's Lake County's. For motorists, however, the roads are both beautiful and harrowing, with the number of vehicle crashes in recent years showing a marked increase.


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To identify rates of potentially preventable medical harm, The Dallas Morning News  analyzed nearly 9 million patient-level records from hospitals across Texas.

Picture of William Heisel

The charade perpetrated by William Hamman, the United Airlines pilot who had a second, lucrative career as a fake cardiologist, is starting to have consequences.

Picture of William Heisel

The idea of telling health care workers they should not wear their scrubs outside the hospital lit up the social media world this week. Dr. David C. Martin, a retired Sacramento anesthesiologist who abhors the too-casual practice of scrubs on the street, has hit a nerve.



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