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Mientras que los niños muestran diferentes respuestas al trauma temprano, dependiendo de factores tales como su edad, los mecanismos de afrontamiento y el apoyo familiar, los expertos dicen que los testigos de la detención o deportación de los padres lleva a una compleja serie de problemas.

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Las comidas de Tek Nepal solían tener alto componente de almidones. Pero desde que le diagnosticaron diabetes de tipo 2 el año pasado, las cosas han cambiado.

Picture of Marga Parés

Eighteen years ago (1993) the government of Puerto Rico performed a major operation on its public health system. Mainly, it gave people in economic need the opportunity to access private health services, with public funding. National Health Journalism Fellow Marga Parés will report on the initiative in its newest iteration for her reporting project.


Join us for a conversation on the latest COVID thread with Dr. Céline Gounder, a leading infectious disease expert, epidemiologist, medical analyst and host of the COVID podcast “Epidemic.” We'll discuss the emerging research, clarify what we know and don’t, and help attendees think through where the pandemic takes us from here. Sign-up here!


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