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Stanislaus County

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Stanislaus was one of the first counties in California to submit a plan for funding from the Mental Health Services Act, the voter-supported tax on millionaires to expand the state’s mental health services.

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As mental health budgets shrink and services erode in Stanislaus County California, Aspen Family Medical Group, a primary care clinic, has taken on a key role in treating the county's uninsured mentally ill.

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Richard Curtis' schizophrenic son was rejected repeatedly from Social Security, which would allow him to qualify for Medi-Cal and more extensive county services.

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Deputy David Frost, who oversees a California county jail’s two mental health wings, said it’s not uncommon for seriously ill inmates to wait there for months, even after a judge orders them transferred to a state hospital.

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Reporting on the mentally ill can be challenging. Even harder might be taking their pictures.

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Although California is the world’s 9th largest economy and a hub of tech innovation, some of the state’s residents live in communities that lack basic services ­like clean water and functioning sewage systems.

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Dr. John A. Walker is the health officer for Stanislaus County. In this state-appointed role, he works closely with the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency to protect the health of county residents. Walker is responsible for assessing the community's health status and for directing local government-mandated health protection functions.

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Harold A. Peterson is CEO of Community Hospice, a hospice serving terminally ill patients and their families in Stanislaus County and south San Joaquin County. As a nonprofit organization founded in 1979 by community members committed to the concept of \"death with dignity,\" the hospice provides care to anyone, regardless of ability to pay.


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