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suicide prevention

Picture of William Heisel

Ireland is on the verge of allowing death certificates to omit the cause of death, largely to spare family members of suicide victims from seeing the word "suicide" on the form. But is that reason enough to conceal the facts on such a critical document?

Picture of Stephanie Woodard

Indian country is a very different world from the one most of us mainstream reporters inhabit. Here are some ways to make stories about Native Americans easier to put together and more accurate.

Picture of Cindy Uken

Miles City High School students know that the suicide epidemic among youth in Montana is staggering, which is why they created a one of a kind production to inform their peers of the choices they all have, and how to find help when they need it.

Picture of Anara Guard

Usually, reporters covering health topics want to see their stories have real world impact. But there is one circumstance that no journalist wants to see: suicide contagion.

Picture of Stephanie Woodard

Native teens and twenty-somethings are killing themselves at an alarming pace. For those 15 to 24, the rate is 3.5 times that of other Americans and rising.

Picture of Ryan Sabalow

California communities have received millions of dollars for mental health treatment from a new state tax. Are they wasting it? Get tips on how to find out.



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