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Picture of Brandy Tuzon Boyd

The Online Health Journalism fellows convened June 23-25 for their second session at the L.A. Athletic Club in downtown Los Angeles. Topics included online business models, crunching data and use of social media tools to engage readers. Now on to those projects!

Picture of Sunita Sohrabji

A San Francisco-based entrepreneur conceptualized the idea behind Verbally - an application that allows people suffering from speech disabilities to use their iPads to communicate - while watching his aunt Nirmala Godhwani struggle to speak after she was diagnosed with ALS.

Picture of R. Jan Gurley

Doc Gurley dives into spamming for a good cause: to improve public health. Here's what she learned.

Picture of Daniela  Velazquez

Daniela Velazquez wades through reams of data on childhood obesity in her community and lives to tell the tale.

Picture of Robin  Urevich

In Salinas, organic farmers struggle to build businesses in the epicenter of industrial agricuture.

Picture of Angilee Shah

Even if you were in Austin for South by Southwest last week, the sheer volume of information and number of people make it difficult to know what the ultimate take-aways were. How can you sum up the best tips and critical thinking from some 40 panels and meet-ups and events related to health this

Picture of Angilee Shah

Mobile health applications, mHealth, health apps -- no matter what you call them, they are a hot topic here at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Recently, I participated in a Poynter NewsU webinar to learn how to search social media more effectively, hoping to glean some tips for journalists and others covering health issues. Like many of you, I can search Twitter and Facebook, but Time magazine reporter and search whiz Jeremy Caplan offered some tools that go well beyond those platforms.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Just when you thought you had gotten a handle on genomics, here’s an emerging branch of bioscience that should be on your radar screen: epigenetics.

Picture of Brian Ahier

The Health IT track at OSCON this week brought together three of the thought leaders working to create a Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN).



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