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tobacco tax

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Taxes on recreational marijuana "won't be a panacea," one First 5 official said, but advocates still hope they'll be directed toward early intervention and education.
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The story was produced as a project for USC Annenberg's 2018 National Fellowship.
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Officials for a state campaign aimed at ending tobacco use among California’s children are supporting a tobacco tax increase initiative for the November ballot that will raise the price of cigarettes and vaping products but tobacco companies are fighting to stop it.
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Looking at campaign contributions can inform how you report a story. Check out this post from

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Drug shortages in Greece cause chaos, what's ahead for homeless man attacked by face-eating "zombie," and waiting for a tobacco tax vote in Calif., plus more from our Daily Briefing.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Big money in Calif. tobacco tax battle, big growth in palliative care, and big turf battles between dentists and "dental therapists," plus more from our Daily Briefing.


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