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How does our urban environment affect our health? A new PBS documentary series hosted by public health expert Dr. Richard Jackson examines the issue in depth.

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A federal transportation safety agency is urging states to ban all cellphone use in cars — even if it's hands free. Get tips for reporting on the health aspects of what's likely to be a hot issue in 2012.

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Though it is clear that South Los Angeles is park poor compared to rest of Los Angeles County, current fiscal problems lend people to dismiss the idea of spending more money creating parks, adding trees or fixing sidewalks. Turns out that maybe Los Angeles can’t afford not to invest in more nature.

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The four-part series "Streetwise: Walking & Biking In Natomas" examined whether efforts to create a healthy, walkable and bikeable community in Natomas have been successful.

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The automobile is a fixture of American life, and in rural areas like Lake County’s it’s critical to getting to and from school, work and other commitments. But for drivers in Lake County, the roadways can be dangerous places.

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Hartmann Road – an entry point into the Hidden Valley Lake gated community – intersects with a wide, sweeping curve of Highway 29. In appearance, it's an unremarkable stretch of roadway. But the statistics showed that something had to be done.

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The safety of Lake County’s roadways is a matter of great concern not just for drivers but for officials and agencies across a broad spectrum – from health to planning, public works to law enforcement.

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Lake County's roads, combined with drivers under the influence, have led to an increasingly deadly situation on the county's roadways.

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Sweeping vistas, clear blue skies, colorful countryside – all define the geography of California's Lake County's. For motorists, however, the roads are both beautiful and harrowing, with the number of vehicle crashes in recent years showing a marked increase.


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At the first meeting of my fellow fellows, we were asked a simple question, "do you consider yourself a journalist?" My answer at the time was, "no." My answer today would be different.



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