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University of California, Santa Barbara

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Yvette Flores-Ortiz is an associate professor of Chicana/o studies at UC Davis. She is an expert on Latino mental health issues, including adolescence, aging, violence, self-esteem, AIDS prevention, substance abuse and sexuality. Flores-Ortiz has studied eating disorders among Mexican-American women and conflict among married couples, among other community mental health issues. For the past two decades, Flores-Ortiz has worked as a research psychologist, university professor and licensed psychologist.

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Castulo de la Rocha, J.D., is president and chief executive officer of AltaMed Health Services Corp. in Los Angeles. He has been a community health leader for more than two decades. He is a member of the executive committee of the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California; the Latino Issues Forum; AIDS ACTION; the "I Have a Dream Foundation," and the National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc.


This year saw a scorcher of a summer, the hottest on record. Worse, it could be the coldest summer we’ll see in our lifetimes. In this webinar, we’ll glean lessons and insights from a yearlong Los Angeles Times investigation into extreme heat. We’ll also identify gaps in state and federal tracking efforts, and outline policy changes that could help. Attendees will gain strategies, storylines and ideas for covering one of the deadliest impacts of climate change. Sign-up here!


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