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West Nile Virus

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We recently spoke with Brenda Woods-Placky, director of the Climate Matters program at Climate Central, to discuss how journalists can best report on the science and health impact of climate change.
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Zika virus has been generating a lot of news lately. But the reports haven't always been accurate. Dr. Seema Yasmin offers a quick primer and dispels a couple of myths for reporters filing stories on the epidemic as it spreads through the Americas.

Picture of Seema Yasmin

Like many streets in Houston’s Greater Fifth Ward, Worms Street offers the perfect environment for the spread of tropical diseases. Many of these infections aren’t new, but rising temperatures and poverty create a perfect storm for their spread.

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Subtle changes in the climate -- warmer winters, wetter and earlier springs, and greener environments because of more rainfall -- contribute to increasing pest populations. Sometimes deadly pathogens hosted by these vectors are now moving to warming regions, too.

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Amid the worst West Nile virus season in years, what's an acceptable level of risk for aerial insecticide spraying?

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This year's West Nile virus season is one of the worst in years. Could quicker action have prevented deaths in Dallas?

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The recent public health warnings to be on guard for West Nile virus in the wake of hurricane-turned-tropical storm Irene made me wonder: is there a link between hurricanes and other big storms and the mosquito-borne disease? 

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

A diagnosis for Venus Williams, surprising health fallout from Irene, 9/11-related illnesses and more from our Daily Briefing.

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Linda Marsa writes about a research team that's received more than $7 million from the Gates Foundation to study an approach that may eventually eliminate dengue fever—and possibly other vector-borne diseases.

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Why is the controversial pesticide methyl iodide set to be used in California strawberry fields? Answers and more in our Daily Briefing.



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