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Kansas receives a grant to set up a health insurance exchange

Kansas receives a grant to set up a health insurance exchange

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Now we can go to the starting line. After a bit of uncertainty injected into the process by in-state political maneuvering, the Kansas Insurance Department has been awarded an "early innovator" grant to help the state set up its insurance exchange program (unless national politics intervenes, of course.) I've been asked to be on one of the working groups involved in the process. Periodically, I may share part of that experience with you. The groups have not yet met.

Read about the grant on WellCommons and let us know what you think!

Here's a link to more background on the state's initial awkward steps: State grant muddled by Brownback letter (Kansas Health Institute)


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The article in LJ World that Ralph Gage links to is worth a read. It details what happens when a pragmatic program administrator (a moderate Republican) in Kansas tires to implement health exchanges for her state. Her effort is stymied by the political calculations of a Republican caucus intent on blocking all elements of the new health reform law. How this plays out in other red states would be a great local story. Thanks for sharing! 

Picture of Ralph Gage

The Kansas Health Exchange steering committee and working groups are off and -- if not running -- at least moving! Our second meeting will be the 31st, which means I will not be able to attend the meeting of the advisory group for the California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships.

Here's a link to the Kansas Health Institute report on our initial meeting and another link to the KHI report on our Insurance Commissioner's testimony about the state's activities.

Concerning the initial presentations, inasmuch as Choice Administrators is active in California, I would appreciate your particular insights and comments concerning their operations and responsiveness. I'd also like to hear what, if anything, you believe sets their web operations apart from HHS' own

Many thanks!


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