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Why does ‘wealthy LA’ have a higher infection rate?

Why does ‘wealthy LA’ have a higher infection rate?

The most recent data on confirmed cases of COVID-19 show some alarmingly high rates in some of Los Angeles’s richest enclaves: Bel-AirBeverly Crest and the Hollywood Hills all have infection rates over 100 per 100,000 residents, as of April 1. Hancock Park‘s rate is over 200. Middle and lower income areas such as Huntington ParkSouth Park and Boyle Heights, meanwhile, all had rates under 25 per 100,000.

[See our map of where cases are concentrated in Los Angeles County]

The numbers raise a question that is as much about wealth disparity as it is about health: Does the data show who is infected or who can afford to get tested?

Clusters of wealth, clusters of cases 

Crosstown compared data on the location of confirmed coronavirus cases released by the Los Angeles County Department of Health against population in order to see which areas have the highest rates of infection per 100,000 residents. We built a map to display our findings: many wealthy parts of the county have some of the highest rates. Brentwood and Palos Verdes Estates, for example, both had a rate above 100.

To be sure, there are also many middle and lower-income cities that are suffering as well. Neighborhoods such as West Adams and Valley Village, for example, have high rates above 50 per 100,000, but do not have the super-high incomes of Bel-Air. The densest cluster of cases in the county is the upper middle class Fairfax district, at 724 per 100,000 as of April 1.

The high infection rates in certain wealthy areas offers another piece of evidence to a debate that has raged around how the nation’s health system responded to the outbreak.

“One thing we do know is that there is a lot of selection with who is and isn’t tested, which are driving the numbers we see now,” said Robynn Cox, a professor of social work at the University of Southern California and a fellow at the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics. “The larger numbers in affluent communities may be a result of the ability to pay a higher price to obtain testing.

Who gets tested 

Concern about whether access to testing was skewed toward the wealthy first emerged several weeks ago, when a number of athletes and celebrities revealed they were infected. On March 17, the Brooklyn Nets announced that four players had tested positive at a moment when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was decrying a critical shortage of tests in the state. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to the news on Twitter, writing, “Tests should not be for the wealthy, but for the sick.”

On March 19, the Lakers announced that two of their players also had the virus.

The Medical Board of California has opened a review of so-called “concierge” doctors around LA who were offering their well-to-do clients access to the test at exorbitant prices, the Los Angeles Times reported.

California in particular has suffered from a severe shortage of tests. As of March 27, New York had tested three times as many people as California, the Associated Press reported, though its population is half the size as the golden state’s.

On March 30, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that, so far, the city had tested 6,741 people for the virus, but he hoped to double that number in four days.

Rationing the kits

As more testing becomes available, some of the initial results, which tilted toward higher rates in wealthier areas, might also flatten out. For the moment, however, the health authorities in Los Angeles have placed strict criteria on who should be tested, rationing the kits first to those who are 65 or older, are showing flu-like symptoms and have been exposed to another person who is confirmed to have COVID-19. 

Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert, a graduate student  of journalism at USC who lives in Simi Valley, first showed symptoms of COVID-19 on March 17. By that point, Tangalakis-Lippert, who has asthma, had a chronic cough and was short of breath. She eventually visited an emergency room on March 29. After she tested negative for strep and pneumonia, doctors swabbed her for COVID-19. Her test results will take a week, however, as a backlog in the state has led to excruciatingly long wait times. In the meantime, she is recuperating at home.

“I honestly don’t know what normal is in this pandemic,” Tangalakis-Lippert said. “In this case, I don’t think it’s good that the waiting period is a week.”

According to Vox’s report of testing by state, 90,657 people had been tested for COVID-19 in California as of March 30. The Los Angeles County of Department of Public Health informed Crosstown that as of March 29, over 15,500 people have been tested in the county alone.


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I think it's dangerous to speculate on why infection rates are higher one place than another without actual data. To say "there is a lot of selection with who is and isn’t tested" "tilted toward higher rates in wealthier areas" without data incites ill will based on both class and race. In Louisiana there is a disproportionate percentage of illness among people of color. Authors have suggested this is because they don't get care. As journalists, perhaps there is an opportunity to report in a manner that helps us pull together as a country rather than splitting us apart.

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Who takes supplements to improve immune systems on a regular basis? How are the housing conditions effecting
different groups of people. How is separateness effecting different groups of people? Some people cannot tolerate being away from their usual friends. What about education and ability to read the news? City groups of teens "hang" together outside and some rich and poor are addicts and want regular contact with their suppliers. There are so many different behaviors among people of all kinds that it is almost impossible, to find a single habit that can be said to increase COVID19. A regular decent healthy diet is extremely important. Affordable and available to all? Regular 6 month medical exams available to all as a part of healthy life style. Who has these and who does not? Who has money problems? Why? Low paying jobs? Spending money on drugs? Not food.

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I live in Orange County. Newport Beach and Laguna Beach have the highest incidence of Covid-19. This article helps me to understand why that would happen. I have years of experience managing my 86 year old mom's health care exclusively in Newport Beach. I compare it with my local healthcare in Santa Ana. In Newport we could not get an appointment with her Endocrinologist of 10 years unless we paid the Concierge Fee. Many of her Doctors give out there samples of free medication saving her prescription costs when she already has double coverage. Medical testing, scheduling appointments, diagnosis and treatment is more readily available with Newport Beach Physicians than Physicians in Santa Ana. The Rehabilitation and Nursing facilities in Newport Beach which are under Medicare are superior to any facility I've visited in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Tustin, and Huntington Beach. All that to say there is a disparity between the wealthy and poor. That's the truth. Denying the truth does not help anyone.
I was wondering if the high diagnosis Covid-19 amongst the wealthy of Orange County was due to their ability to travel and do business worldwide. Another thought is perhaps their caregivers and housekeepers exposed them to the virus. Higher rate of testing for the Coronavirus for the wealthy makes the most sense. We need the truth.

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