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El Peso de la Obesidad: The Weight of Obesity Part 1

Fellowship Story Showcase

El Peso de la Obesidad: The Weight of Obesity Part 1

Picture of Monica Navarro

Monica Navarro, reporter & producer for Univision, Channel 41 in San Antonio, Texas, completed her fellowship project which is a four part series on children suffering from obesity and diabetes & the mental, economic and medical impacts it has on the Latino community.

Her series won an Anson Jones Award from the Texas Medical Association, June 2009, in the category of in depth television (the first time ever a Spanish T.V. news series won this award in 50 years). At least 10,000 entries all over the state for this prize were received. The series is presented in Spanish language.

Univision, San Antonio, Texas
Saturday, November 1, 2008

The first part features a famous Latino tejano music artist from South Texas, Raulito, who suffers from diabetes and obesity. This segment focuses on Raulito’s daily battle with his condition along with the battle he faces with his kids’ who are also over weight. He goes into detail about the effects this has had on his life as well as the changes he’s implemented to live a healthier life.

Part One - Latino music artist and family battle obesity

Part Two - Family struggles to make healthy choices while owning a restaurant

Part Three - Mother learns of daughter's diabetes

Part Four - The city with the highest incidence of childhood obesity