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black mothers

Picture of Daniel Ross
A pledge to sharply reduce infant mortality by 2023 faces daunting obstacles.
Picture of Olga Grigoryants
More women have been opting for home birth as hospitals postponed or moved most of their health care online due to COVID-19.
Picture of Olga Grigoryants
About 2% of the country’s 15,000 licensed midwives are Black. In Southern California, there are about 120 licensed midwives, but only seven of them are Black.
Picture of Olga Grigoryants
Many of LA County’s programs focus on addressing the consequences of intergenerational racism on the health of Black women.
Picture of Gabrielle Horton
A collection of resources to help you find care providers, access mental health and spirituality support, or learn more about Black perinatal health and birth justice.
Picture of Gabrielle Horton
Myeshia is a married, 34-year-old cis Black queer woman with a PhD. Two weeks after giving birth to her first child in a Southern California emergency room, things take a turn for the worse.


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