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Child Care Services

Picture of Kristen Taketa
The San Diego Union-Tribune is putting a spotlight on the real cost of child care in California.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
A new commercial tax aims to do something novel in California: provide child care financial aid for middle-class families and set a minimum wage of $28 an hour for early education teachers.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
California reimburses providers based on what families can pay, rather than what it costs to provide care. To bridge the gap, providers serving the state’s neediest children must get by on low pay
Picture of Kristen Taketa
There’s aid available, but the system can be tough to navigate. Here’s what parents need to know.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
The state is supposed to help families afford child care. But few qualify for help, and most of those who do are not being served.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
The aid reaches only a small fraction of families who need it — and providers, who aren’t paid enough to cover their costs, remain stretched to the limit.
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Isabella was 8 years old when she came to the U.S. with her mom Daissy and her sister from Colombia.


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