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Picture of Sara Israelsen-Hartley
This story was produced as part of a larger project led by Rich Lord, a participant in the 2019 National Fellowship. Other stories in this series include: 10 ways to protect your family from radon Lethal and lawless The radioactive killer  
Picture of Sara Israelsen-Hartley
How Utah’s hands-off approach to radon is putting people at risk.
Picture of Sandy Mazza
Florencio Flores said he worries that the oil company doesn’t prioritize the community’s health because its equipment looks old and his complaints never seem to be taken seriously.
Picture of Stephanie Baer

“To find out after the fact that this could have been avoided — you put my kid through a little nightmare here and you affected his health,” said one mother whose 13-year-old son fell ill after jet skiing in the lake.


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