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Low Income Families

Picture of Mohana Ravindranath
The challenge: Proving that health tech companies can make a viable business out of reaching low-income people who also face social challenges.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
The San Diego Union-Tribune is putting a spotlight on the real cost of child care in California.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
A new commercial tax aims to do something novel in California: provide child care financial aid for middle-class families and set a minimum wage of $28 an hour for early education teachers.
Picture of Mohana Ravindranath
The patients who need these potentially lifesaving services the most can’t always get them.
Picture of Kristen Taketa
California reimburses providers based on what families can pay, rather than what it costs to provide care. To bridge the gap, providers serving the state’s neediest children must get by on low pay
Picture of Elizabeth Chuck
Establishing a permanent Summer EBT program and adding a grab-and-go option for free summer meals in rural areas is “such a big win for kids,” one anti-hunger advocate said.
Picture of Dan Levin
This project was produced by Dan Levin as part of the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2020 National Fellowship.


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