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Picture of Dave Boucher
Publishing shorter pieces on a regular basis helped keep sustained attention on the issue.
Picture of Dave Boucher
Fed up with a Michigan school system that used seclusion on their autistic son, Bennett Solomond's parents moved the family to Pennsylvania in 2019.
Picture of David Barer
New details revealed about a fatal incident within Texas’ understaffed state hospital system, where little information is made public about patients — even when they die.
Picture of Dave Boucher
Michigan educators have secluded and restrained students nearly 94,000 times over the past five school years, a Free Press investigation found.
Picture of Dave Boucher
Lawmakers sought to restrict the use of seclusion and restraints on students in Michigan schools back in 2016. It was only supposed to be used for emergencies, they said.
Picture of Dave Boucher
A school district in Michigan isolated children with disabilities more than 4,000 times – and administrators will not reveal why.
Picture of Dave Boucher
Free Press investigation finds some Michigan educators using restraint and seclusion improperly, with no law to stop them.


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