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Stephanie Woodard

Picture of Stephanie Woodard

"We Breathe Again" tackles the reality of high suicide rates in Alaska and the prevention efforts aiming to help. The film's director says, the movie is "about serious issues, but it’s also uplifting—a healing journey."

Picture of Stephanie Woodard

At risk youth have an opportunity to make a change and get the help they need through a suicide-prevention camp put together by Native American tribes.

Picture of Stephanie Woodard

In some Native American communities in South Dakota, youngsters kill themselves at a rate at least triple the United States average.

Picture of Stephanie Woodard

Native children make up about 13 percent of South Dakota’s child population, but typically represent about 50 percent of those in foster care. The story examines the state's response to claims of child sex abuse in foster care and by adoptive parents.

Picture of Stephanie Woodard

Native teens and twenty-somethings are killing themselves at an alarming pace. For those 15 to 24, the rate is 3.5 times that of other Americans and rising.


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