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(Courtesy image via Hinkle-Barer/KXAN)
Because of stiff penalties and a backlogged state hospital system, relatively minor assaults can turn into extended legal debacles for those with mental illness in Texas.
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Homes on the To’Hajiilee Indian Reservation, New Mexico, part of the Navajo Nation.
Three journalists share advice on listening to community voices and avoiding the specter of "poverty porn."
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Erosion caused by melting permafrost tundra and the disappearance of sea ice threatens houses from the Yupik Eskimo village
In rural Alaska, where the population is largely Indigenous, inadequate water and sanitation and overcrowded housing conditions have furthered the spread of COVID-19.
Patrick Soon-Shion, file photo.
The biotech billionaire sits down with NYT health and science writer Pam Belluck to reflect on what we've learned and the big stories to come.
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(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Arline C. Geronimus explains how she developed her influential theory of "weathering," while Issac Bailey shares his own shock of recognition.
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(Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr/Creative Commons)
From school discipline to foster care to juvenile justice, advocates point to widespread inequities for Native American girls.
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(Photo by Nenad Stojkovic via Creative Commons/Flickr)
“The U.S. is in a state of emergency for children’s mental health — and if it is not addressed, kids will have chronic mental health problems that will affect generations to come,” a child psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado told me.
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Overdose fatalities rose in 2020, with Black people at high risk; cases on the rise, but vaccines remain politicized; Pfizer's booster remains uncertain.
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A nursing home resident is wheeled on a stretcher from an ambulance into the Canterbury Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
Facilities housing just 1% of the population saw at least one in four of last year’s COVID-19 deaths. My reporting seeks deeper answers about what went wrong.
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 Daisy Duarte holds a photo of her mother, Sonia Calderon, who died earlier this year from Alzheimer's disease.
Alzheimer’s affects older Black and Hispanic people at much higher rates than whites, but it's largely undiagnosed and untreated in these communities.
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 (Image via Kassie McClung/Canva)
Babies and pregnant women in Oklahoma have some of the worst health outcomes in the nation. A new project will share the stories of women and families affected by the state’s shortcomings.
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