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People on low-incomes and retirees buy food at the World Harvest Food Bank in Los Angeles.
What impact will the increase have on food insecurity? It's a timely story worth tracking in your community.
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Members of the Fourth Samoan Congregational Christian Church of Long Beach worship on Sept. 5, 2021. The church this summer lost
Local reporting shines a light on Long Beach's glaring health disparities during the pandemic.
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Kittrell Warren, 65, found housing at the Cova Hotel in the Tenderloin. It served as one of San Francisco's shelter-in-place hot
In the end, taking the time to find the right characters and sources paid off.
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A farmworker picks grapes during the October harvest in the Kern County town of Lamont, California.
Will fears of the Trump-era “public charge” rule keep immigrants from signing up?
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Cincinnati Enquirer
The Enquirer will host a Facebook Live event at noon Thursday to discuss how to expand the solutions described in the news organization’s in-depth report last month about domestic violence in the Cincinnati.
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Anyone seeing Khambete from a distance could be forgiven for thinking that just like so many Indian Americans, she too was living the American Dream. Yet all wasn’t well at home.
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This is a story about domestic violence. Content intended for mature audiences only.
Locked out of her Fremont apartment after a domestic dispute turned violent, Priya huddled terrified in a corner of the hallway. Her new husband had thrown her outside without a blanket, after shoving her onto a sofa and breaking her arm.
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(Getty Images)
Reporters Tony Barboza and Anna Phillips take us behind the scenes of their yearlong investigation.
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Dr. Marie Flores, one of the women featured in Sonja Sharp’s story on pregnancy and disability, shared the difficult experiences
Modern obstetrics has largely turned its back on the large and growing number of disabled women who get pregnant.
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This rendering by Sitio shows the exterior of a new building developer Dennis Benner is proposing on the site of the Bethlehem B
South Bethlehem’s historic oversight board backed two major mixed-use developments on Fourth Street that will bring a more modern aesthetic to the corridor.
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