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Workers pick strawberries in a field west of Santa Maria in April 2020.
A new investigate series will examine the impact of COVID-19 prevention efforts on vulnerable groups in California's Santa Barbara County.
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Man seated in clinic waiting room
A doctor who cares for underserved patients finds her efforts are often rendered useless by systemic barriers to care.
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(Creative Commons photo by Igor Spasic via Flickr)
It’s been called trading custody for care — the belief that the state can offer something the parents cannot.
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School buses lined up in parking lot
Who is responsible for diversity in schools — the school system or entire community?
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Coronavirus Files: Thanksgiving Looms as Restrictions Multiply; The Vaccines Are Coming; Language Barriers Compound COVID-19 Agony
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(Photo by Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)
President-elect Biden will likely move quickly to undo a slew of Trump-era health care policies.
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A farmworker walks between rows of strawberries as he adjusts his hoodie in Watsonville, Calif.
Salinas and Monterey County as a whole are some of the least affordable places to live in the U.S., per the 2019 Harvard State of the Nation's housing study.
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Educators, families and high school students honked and clapped at farmworkers around the Watsonville community during the Watso
These responses were submitted by members of an advisory board on farmworker housing that featured growers, advocates, and service providers in Monterey County, organized by The Californian reporter Kate Cimini.
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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has been critical of his neighbors. “One of the reasons we have such jammed up hospitals in Spokane i
Story ideas from the shared boder and ideological gulf between Washington and Idaho.
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This screenshot of body camera footage shows police handcuffing teenage boys during a riot at Red Rock Canyon School on April 28
A review of thousands of pages of inspection records, incident reports, complaints and emails shows licensors are reluctant to step in when youth facilities have faced troubling accusations of rampant child abuse.
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Fresh earth covers the grave of Neita Bolkeim at Hawaiian Memorial Park in Kaneohe.
Indigenous burial traditions were already threatened by economic pressures and changing cultures. Then the pandemic struck.
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