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How do you find sources that live in hard-to-reach places in the middle of a pandemic?
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Webinar: Housing on the Brink; attacks on Asian Americans skyrocket during pandemic; Astra Zeneca deemed safe, but questions remain
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Vines in a vineyard owned by Hyde in Carneros
“Disasters have a way of exposing the most vulnerable among us and putting them in harm’s way,” Terence Mulligan, president of the Napa Valley Community Foundation, told me.
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A demonstrator wearing a face mask and holding a sign takes part in a rally to raise awareness of anti-Asian violence
Asian American students are organizing and speaking out through the “Virus: Racism” campaign.
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A rally against anti-Asian violence in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles on March 13.
With violent attacks proliferating, journalists have an obligation to root out hatred and racism.
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Dow Jones is looking for a health business chief in New York City. The Philadelphia Inquirer is seeking a service editor in Philadelphia.
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 Karla Perez and Esperanza Gonzalez warm up by a barbecue grill during power outage caused by the February winter storm.
“There’s so many aspects of services that failed people that shouldn’t have,” said Marselles Coe of San Antonio, who depends on dialysis treatments.
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Lasting unemployment for POC, women, disabled and undocumented; help on the way from stimulus package
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COVID-19 "created this enormous uncertainty vacuum,” said misinformation researcher Carl Bergstrom, and into the void flowed a sea of specious claims.
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Lindsey Holden Holds Virtual Panel Discussion About Rental Housing In San Luis Obispo County.
San Luis Obispo County tenants are facing a “housing crisis point” as they struggle to find safe, affordable rentals and hold onto their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic — and local advocates, attorneys and elected representatives are trying to find ways to help.
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Domestic violence affects tens of millions of Americans every year. Yet media outlets mostly treat incidents as "cops" items, if they cover them at all, as opposed to treating domestic violence as a public health problem. Our free two-day symposium will help journalists understand the root causes and promising prevention, intervention and treatment approaches.  Plus participants will be able to apply for grants to report California-focused projects.

Are you passionate about helping journalists understand and illuminate the social factors that contribute to health and health disparities at a time when COVID-19 has highlighted the costs of such inequities? Looking to play a big role in shaping journalism today in the United States? The USC Center for Health Journalism seeks an enterprising and experienced journalism leader for our new position of “Manager of Projects.” 



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