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Also in this week's roundup: An updated preprint finds that American Indian and Alaska Native populations took the biggest hit to life expectancy of any American race during the pandemic.
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People whose maternal care depends on federal dollars can’t get abortions under the Hyde Amendment. What will the end of Roe hold for them?
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Dimple Ben works the register at a Trinethra grocery store in San Jose, California.
A reporter reflects on her journey through South Asian grocery stores in the Bay Area, where getting people to talk proved tricky.
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Hygiene stations and toilets in LA’s Little Tokyo neighborhood.
A freelancer's neighborhood walks give rise to a story on LA's failure to maintain hygiene stations.
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The County of Fresno’s Regional Environmental Compliance Center located on a 2.67 acre parcel of land, shown Wednesday, May 18,
The new hazardous waste site is located in a ZIP code that already is the most polluted in the state.
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Gary Gibson, CEO of The Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative in Indianapolis, is the longest serving employee in the nonprofit.
The vast majority of people with sickle cell disease are Black. Sickle cell researchers, physicians and patients believe these disparities exist – and persist – because of systemic racism.
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Getting to and from dialysis is already a challenge for some rural Hawaii residents. Sea level rise is expected to make things worse.
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Also, a new study finds Black patients were significantly less likely to qualify for needed treatment based on pulse oximeter readings than white patients in Baltimore hospitals.
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A teacher leads students through an activity at Freedom Elementary School in Buckeye, Arizona in 2021.
"I was so fixated on finding a Latino student it hadn’t dawned on me that there might be another way to tell the story."
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The Turin Department of Juvenile Justice. Italy’s approach to juvenile justice provided a useful contrast and source of ideas fo
A reporter finds "the data was just a glimpse of the full picture" while covering school-based juvenile justice complaints.
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Kevin White points to his mother in a family portrait. Her Medicaid expenses led to a $128,000 lien on his family home, which he
Loopholes allow wealthier families and attorneys to avoid estate recovery, and in some counties the program disproportionately affects people of color.
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