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The San Joaquin Valley is the only region in the country to be out of compliance with 1997 federal air quality standards.
Clean air advocates hope the EPA will step in to strengthen regulations of polluting industries.
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Period poverty is a global issue experienced by millions of people, especially houseless, low-income and Black and Brown communities.
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A political fight in the Sacramento legislature resulted in a loophole that allowed ag burning to continue.
A California senator set out to ban agricultural burning in the San Joaquin Valley nearly 20 years ago. What happened?
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Dennis Hutson, who farms 60 acres in Allensworth, is one of many small farmers who worry they won’t be able to afford alternativ
Even with $220 million in financial incentives, growers are wondering how they’ll afford whole orchard recycling in the long term – especially small farmers, who have fewer resources to begin with.
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Regulators promote chipping or grinding agricultural debris like branches and whole trees using heavy equipment as the primary a
In their new plan to ban agricultural burning, air regulators are using outreach and financial incentives to convince growers to adopt an alternative known as whole orchard recycling.
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The FDA and CDC have signed off on new mRNA boosters for ages 12 and up, setting the stage for a fall vaccine push to counter an anticipated fall and winter surge.
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Honolulu Civil Beat
One in five Indigenous Chamorros in the Northern Mariana Islands has diabetes, and the demand for dialysis is growing. But the only dialysis centers are on the capital island of Saipan.
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Imelda, who requested that her last name not be used due to fear of deportation, has struggled to recover since contracting COVI
The pandemic compounded barriers to accessing medical care—and many continue to delay or forgo treatment.
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Laketa Watts, left, director of Essentially Empowered, a community organization, and Sherri Sherri Ohly, director of the Envisio
Community health workers are often funded with short-term grants, which can deter people from the profession and lead to shortages.
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Rachel Janis, 22, is among the third generation of Indian boarding-school survivors on the Rosebud Indian Reservation helping to
The third in a three-part series following intergenerational impacts the United States’ nearly 200 year policy of Indian boarding schools had, and continues to have, on some tribal members on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota today.
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Students at Starms Discovery Learning Center in Milwaukee head out for recess on Aug. 16, 2022. Asthma is the most common diseas
Talis Shelbourne reported this project on the intersection of asthma, housing and health systems with the support of a grant from USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism's 2022 Impact Fund for Reporting on Health Equity and Health Systems. ...
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