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A conversation with with Ida Melbye, the executive director of The Period Collective.
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(Photo by Francois Picard/AFP via Getty Images)
A new reporting project seeks to create a roadmap for health care executives on where the most high-need places are in the country and what they should do about it.
A school district in Michigan isolated children with disabilities more than 4,000 times – and administrators will not reveal why.
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(Photo by Lexis Olivier-Ray/L.A. Taco)
From the beginning, Lexis-Olivier Ray knew that he wanted to foreground the experiences of those most affected.
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(Photo via Stephanie Kuzydym)
High school athletes keep collapsing from heat stress. Why isn't more being done to prevent this?
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In ordinary times, rural hospitals operate in a precarious financial position. But the past few years have not been ordinary times for hospitals.
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Free Press investigation finds some Michigan educators using restraint and seclusion improperly, with no law to stop them.
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(Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images)
The state is facing a hospital boarding crisis, compounded by vast mental health care deserts.
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AP's Ron Nixon addresses 2022 Data Fellows in Los Angeles this week.
From periphery to a core skillset: Nixon reflects on massive shift in data journalism's role in newsgathering.
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A formerly homeless mother, Cassidy, holds her child in her apartment in Redding on Sept. 20, 2022. Like many mothers who contra
Once considered an infection nearly eradicated, congenital syphilis rates have risen dramatically in California. Community health workers fan out across communities to find and treat patients who are often homeless or battling addiction.
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STD Investigator Hou Vang (left) works in his office as Jena Adams (right), Communicable Disease Program manager, checks in on h
The number of congenital syphilis cases has ballooned to rates not seen in two decades. Public health workers say the increase coincides with a decline in funding for public health and a drop in the rate of women accessing prenatal care.
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