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George Makris Jr., chairman and CEO of Simmons Bank, is shown in this submitted photo.
To put the Delta on the same playing field as other parts of the state for business growth, there needs to be a large-scale investment in infrastructure, health care, school systems and more, medical experts said.
This article was produced with support from the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2021 Domestic Violence Impact Reporting Fund.
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A monument erected in 2018 in Nome, Alaska memorializes victims of the 1918 influenza outbreak there.
The 1918 influenza epidemic is still remembered keenly in parts of rural Alaska.
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Storm Lake is home to a population where more than a third identify as Latino or Hispanic and nearly one in five identify as Asi
The meatpacking plants have pulled in thousands of immigrant workers over the past two decades. They’re the economic center of the town, employing around 3,000 workers.
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Dr. Céline Gounder dissects the latest omicron news and shares advice for journalists grappling with a sea of unknowns.
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KXAN built its own databases compiled from district clerk records and used them to analyze mental competency details in Texas.
An examination of shortfalls in Texas' oversight of the state hospital waitlist spotlights unreliable data and records that aren’t kept, like the race and ethnicity of people on the waitlist and how many die each year before getting to the hospital.
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Storm Lake is home to a population where more than a third identify as Latino or Hispanic and nearly one in five identify as Asi
This project was produced as part of the 2021 National Fellowship with USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism....
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Centro de Periodismo Investigativo
Many of the mothers of femicide victims ignore their own trauma and loss to take care of the grandchildren who were orphaned by sexist violence.
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Centro de Periodismo Investigativo
Muchas de las madres de las víctimas de feminicidios ignoran su propio trauma y su pérdida para hacerse cargo de los nietos que quedaron huérfanos por culpa de la violencia machista.
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Portable sink in Skid Row missing soap dispenser surrounded by trash
Part six of a 20-month long investigation looking into hygiene stations that the City of Los Angeles distributed to homeless encampments.
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State leaders, law enforcement and mental health advocates unveil Texas’ “Eliminate the Wait” plan at the 2021 Judicial Summit.
By October 2021, the number of people stuck in jail waiting for a state hospital bed had grown to a new record of 1,838 people.
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