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A reporter reflects on lessons learned while covering special education in San Benito County.
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Democratic lawmakers like Sen. Mazie Hirono and her Hawaii colleagues
After fleeing their homeland scarred by U.S. nuclear tests, Marshall Islanders finally get the health care that was promised them.
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Maxwell, shown near her Stockton home, says staff at out-of-state facilities where she was sent abused children in their care.
County officials across California are scrambling to find new homes for more than 100 children with mental health and behavioral issues, following the state’s landmark decision to stop shipping these young people to faraway facilities.
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“The bottom line is really that loneliness and isolation are bad for our health,” said UCSF geriatrician Dr. Carla Perissinotto.
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A reporter shares what she learned about taking care of yourself while reporting on grief-filled topics such as teen suicide.
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Last year, the Office of Refugee Resettlement placed 1,558 children in Prince George’s County – the fourth-highest number after
This story is part of a larger project by Kavitha Cardoza, a participant in the 2019 National Fellowship, who is exploring the unprecedented challenges education professionals must address when they attempt to create and manage programs and services to support undocumented children who are navigatin
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Prince George's County schools are offering immigrant students English language courses, mental health support and guidance coun
Schools in the county are changing curriculums to ensure immigrant students are welcomed and supported.
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Diane Stein, center, and members of her organization Citizens Commission on Human Rights, have been working for years to advocat
When it comes to children, Florida's law regarding involuntary commitments for psychiatric treatment is applied inconsistently.
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Child welfare cases are at a 14-year high months after Los Angeles County’s Dependency Court reopened in June. Families and attorneys are struggling in virtual courtrooms.
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In the midst of the pandemic, a new foster care model based on community living and known as a "children's village" has opened up to foster youth on the Cheyenne River Reservation.
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Hartsfield Elementary School in Tallahassee employs a concept called conscious discipline to help address early childhood trauma
To keep children from being committed under the Baker Act, some schools are addressing early childhood trauma and changing their approach to student discipline.
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