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Also this week: Money to combat health disparities remains unspent by many states.
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Before, during and after involvement in the juvenile justice system, the health of these youth is compromised.
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A veteran investigative reporter unpacks one of the pandemic's biggest tragedies.
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Journey to Care
The number of dialysis centers in the islands is increasing to meet the need as more patients suffer from kidney failure.
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The reporting team uncovered nearly 3,000 students in the Richmond County School System are unaccounted for this school year.
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CDC recommends precautions as cases rise in Northeast, while regulators OK boosters for kids as young as 5. Shots for younger kids could be approved by the end of June.
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Acanthosis nigricans is the darkening of the back of the neck and can be an indicator of risk for type-2 diabetes.
Texas has a law that requires the screening of school children for diabetes. But due to COVID-19, in recent years, those screenings aren't always happening.
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Día de los Muertos altar honors COVID dead at Sherlock Elementary School, 2021.
In a Latino community near Chicago, too many victims of COVID are identified as white, Black or other.
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