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Prompted by pandemic challenges, some LAUSD teachers are making the difficult decision to leave the profession.
The last year and a half took a toll on educators who had to pivot to teaching via video, sometimes with their own kids at home.
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The Community Lead Advocacy Program (CLAP) brought vaccines to a homeless encampment in the Valley Hi area. Javon Coleman was am
How local leaders have taken vaccine distribution in underserved communities into their own hands.
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The Southeast Health Center COVID-19 testing and vaccine site in the Bayview District offers free services
The light at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic tunnel seems "further" and "dimmer" as the delta variant surges.
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Trey bounced around from family to foster care and even a group home. Now, one program has turned his life around. Here's why it's not widely available.
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Who is checking to ensure these systems work as intended?
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Plus, new survey data on COVID-19 vaccination in the LGBTQ+ community, and plans for booster shots take shape.
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Midwife Racha Tahani Lawler sits in the space in her garden on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 where she meets with women.
About 2% of the country’s 15,000 licensed midwives are Black. In Southern California, there are about 120 licensed midwives, but only seven of them are Black.
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A researcher, advocate and journalist share a terminology primer, policy updates and ideas for coverage.
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Volunteers load boxes of food into vehicles at a food distribution site in Palo Alto.
Pivot. Move forward. And hit the streets. A reporter reflects on lessons learned from reporting on food insecurity during the pandemic.
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Researchers are increasingly finding that the human brain is shaped by external forces while it is still in utero.
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A student adjusts her facemask at St. Joseph Catholic School in La Puente, California in November 2020
Patience, persistence and relationships all prove key in reporting the story.'s picture



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