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State leaders, law enforcement and mental health advocates unveil Texas’ “Eliminate the Wait” plan at the 2021 Judicial Summit.
By October 2021, the number of people stuck in jail waiting for a state hospital bed had grown to a new record of 1,838 people.
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Centro de Periodismo Investigativo
Grandmothers ignore their own trauma and loss to take care of the children of their murdered daughters.
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Centro de Periodismo Investigativo
Cristina del Mar Quiles reported this story while participating in the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2021 Domestic Violence Impact Reporting Fund. Other stories by her include: Mothers Of Femicide Victims Rescue Their Grandchildren
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Amner Martinez runs a staffing agency in Des Moines. His family, who are originally from Guatemala, moved from California to Iow
Amner Martinez still doesn’t really know all the details from when his 74-year-old father Concepcion got really sick with COVID-19 near the beginning of the pandemic.
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Maiya Ossipova was a divorced woman in her early forties with three kids when she met her future American husband on a dating website.
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Photo of case workers downtown.
“They often refer to us as a restorative justice court, where we focus on assisting repeat offenders and connecting them to services so that those repetitive offenses stop,” said the court's administrator.
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Environmental activists protest outside a Chicago elementary school closed in 2016 after high levels of lead and arsenic were fo
Will the country finally correct the harm borne by marginalized communities?
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Amner Martinez runs a staffing agency in Des Moines. His family, who are originally from Guatemala, moved from California to Iow
This project was produced as part of the 2021 National Fellowship with USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism. Other stories by Natalie Krebs include: COVID struck the nation's meatpacking plants more than a year ago. But worker safety is still a contentious issue
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“The treatment of amputees is in the dark ages, and COVID only made the dark ages darker,” said Dr. Demetrios Macris, a vascular surgeon in San Antonio, Texas.
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In Texas, those charged with crimes and found mentally incompetent are entitled to treatment at a state hospital before returning to jail and standing trial. The failing system waitlists hundreds. Sometimes they die sooner than receiving treatment.
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Also, early data suggest omicron evades most but not all antibodies.
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