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(Photo by Guillermo Arias/AFP via Getty Images)
After coming out as gay or transgender, many young people are cut off from friends during the pandemic and trapped in homes where nobody accepts them.
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Jennifer, left, and her daughter Elizabeth, right, are pictured in their backyard on Feb. 23, 2020. Police were dispatched twice
The Denver Post finds that a lack of data collection and a state law restricting the release of information mean there’s little public accountability about what happens after authorities respond to crisis line tips.
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Buses head out on their morning routes at the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Fleet Maintenance Center in Greeley Aug. 19, 2020.
The number of suicides among young Coloradans remains unchanged during the coronavirus pandemic compared to previous years, but school and health officials expect to soon see a “tsunami of need” for mental health care.
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A screenshot of the Safe2Help app logo.
“One of the real advantages that we think that we provide is the reduction of law enforcement response,” said Diana Schmidt, manager of Safe2Help Nebraska. “It’s like a whole safety net as opposed to sending law enforcement, (which) is always a last resort for us.”
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If you’re born poor and Black in Charlotte, statistics suggest you’ll die that way, too. It wasn’t always that way, though.
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Illustration by Define Urban
Even before the pandemic, ICE consistently failed to provide adequate medical care to detainees on its flights — with dire outcomes.
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Jennifer, left, and her daughter Elizabeth, right, are pictured in their backyard on Feb. 23, 2020. Police were dispatched twice
A group of Denver Post journalists led by health reporter Jessica Seaman spent much of the last year immersed in the subject of teen mental health and suicide, and today the paper is publishing the results of that project.
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Cristina es una de casi 8 millones de personas en EE UU que no son ciudadanas y carecen de seguro médico.
This story was produced as a larger project by Valeria Fernandez for the 2020 National Fellowship, focusing on how indigenous, immigrant communities and people of color have been organizing before and during the pandemic in communities of care to find support and healing.
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(Photo by Thomas Cloer via Flickr/Creative Commons)
The RV park is part of California's Project Room Key program, which aimed to open up 15,000 hotel rooms to the state's homeless population when the pandemic took hold in March.
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Several former enrollees of Provo Canyon School for troubled teens describe mistreatment that ranged from isolation to use of re
A pattern of controversy and allegations of abuse stretches from the 1980s to today at one of Utah’s largest youth residential treatment centers.
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(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
The surveys provide yet another look at how minorities and lower-income Americans have been disproportionately hurt by COVID-19.
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