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Marian Regional Medical Center is the closest hospital for communities on the Nipomo Mesa.
The more people are exposed to poor air quality on the Mesa, the sicker they become over time — dealing with allergy symptoms, breathing issues and, for some, even lung disease.
Nurse midwife Nicolle Gonzales has worked in various IHS hospitals across New Mexico and Arizona, where over the years she saw S
Native Americans travel among the farthest in the nation for maternal care. To fill the void they must rely on each other.
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi signs the Inflation Reduction Act after the House voted 220-207 to pass it at on August 12, 20
The Inflation Reduction Act permits Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Here's why the legislation is such a big deal for seniors.
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Jessica A DuVernay/U.S. Army /
This story is part of a larger series called Diagnosis Diabetes, made possible with a grant from the USC Center for Health Journalism's 2022 Impact Fund for Reporting on Health Equity and Health Systems....
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Christine Daniels holds her daughter as she recalls the struggles she had during her pregnancy.
As more rural hospitals and obstetric units close, the federal government is just beginning to define the scope and impact of maternity care 'deserts.'
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Employees within the Richmond County School System tell the I-TEAM say it's chaos behind the scenes when it comes to enrolling homeless and vulnerable students missing permanent addresses and transportation to school.
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Kidney failure afflicts Pacific Islanders at much higher rates, but for reasons that some say amount to discrimination, they don’t get transplants as often.
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(Photo by Adria Malcolm/New Mexico In Depth)
"As an Anglo reporter little versed in this science and history, I had a lot of catching up to do."
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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Where was all this money going? Partly into no-bid contracts.
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The Nipomo Mesa is home to many agricultural fields, like this one, that employee outdoor workers.
Air pollution from blowing dust on the Nipomo Mesa is hitting people of color and low-income folks especially hard.
Also, disparities in booster access spell trouble for fall booster campaigns.
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