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During a pandemic that has overwhelmed many intensive care units, those that serve our youngest infants have so far been spared from a surge of COVID-19 patients. This is in part due to the apparent low risk of mother-to-baby transmission of this virus. But as a neonatologist, I am increasingly alar
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Pasco Schools superintendent Kurt Browning with Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco at a 2015 press conference.
Parents and teachers demanded reviews into the Sheriff’s Office program. Some called for it to be canceled.
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Immigration restrictions and hostile rhetoric against the undocumented have had a heavy emotional toll, not only for migrant families, but also for the activists who advocate for them.
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Michael still has a Lakeside Academy hat and sweatshirt from his time at the facility.
California sent more than 1,000 vulnerable children to out-of-state facilities run by a for-profit company. Reports of rampant abuse followed. Now, confronted with a Chronicle and Imprint investigation, the state is bringing every child home.
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Larry Malcolm Smith Jr. spoke about his experience in the foster care system at a march for Black foster youth.
A lack of coordination leaves many transition-age youth homeless, hungry, and alone.
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Melody Taylor Stark poses for a photo after visiting her husband, Dr. William Stark, who was a resident of Huntington Drive Heal
In a recent survey, more than three-quarters of nursing home residents said they did not leave their rooms to socialize.
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Credit: Allison Maletz
The transition to virtual services upends parents hoping to get kids back from protective services.
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Newark has suffered the most COVID-19 deaths and cases in New Jersey.
The worst pandemic in a century has ravaged Newark and its Black community. It was a tragedy decades in the making.
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Michelle Kanaar / WBEZ
At Saucedo Elementary in Little Village, Olga Contreras is fighting back against palpable learning loss — one day and one student at a time.
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West Valley Post Acute in Los Angeles' West Hills community.
Two reporters share how they cleared tall hurdles to paint a harrowing portrait of COVID-19's impact on Southern California nursing homes.
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Child standing between Grandparents
— Pandemic adds new challenge for aging caregivers
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