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An investigation by The Tribune and the Promotores Collaborative of San Luis Obispo showed many renters throughout the county live in housing that’s old and in need of repairs.
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"Counting on Community"
New programs were beginning to address the traumatic foundation of Humboldt County's health problems. Then came COVID-19.
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Marguerite Maze Middle School.
Students with behavioral issues are being pushed into the special education department, which is already overwhelmed.
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A student follows along remotely with their regular school teacher's online live lesson from a desk separated from others by pla
As one mom put it: “If it were short-term, sure, we can endure that level of suffering, but for a year or two? I feel like I have to take a bit of a risk.”
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Viet-CARE members and other participants at the third annual Asian & Pacific Islander Mental Health Empowerment Conference gathe
The need for mental health services in the Vietnamese community is high, but there’s a strong stigma attached to mental health in the community, and members aren’t always able to access the type of services they need.
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The Mighty
California has the highest rate of unmet mental health treatment needs in the country.  
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Who killed this smart system to monitor health care workplace safety?
Why did the Occupational Health Safety Network meet with such an abrupt demise?
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A look at how trust breakdown is threatens vaccine efforts. Plus, pandemic reporters talk shop.'s picture
This story was produced as a joint project led by Nathan O'Neal and Colton Shone, participants in the 2020 National Fellowship, that cover the variety of circumstances that contribute to health disparities in the Navajo Natio...
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Cincinnati Business Courier is looking for a health reporter
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Hrag Bekerian, administrator of Gem Transitional Care Center, poses at the Pasadena center on Friday, August 7, 2020. The nursin
One facility was hit hard – 50-plus COVID cases and more than a dozen deaths. Another endured only 3 cases and just one patient died. Many factors likely figure in the difference.
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