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Local medical experts are warning that extended periods of daily high temperatures over 90 degrees, let alone over 100 degrees, can be dangerous and can make it difficult for a person to regulate their body temperature.
(Photo by AntoinePound via Flickr/Creative Commons)
A data-driven series ushers in quick changes to California's reliance on an out-of-state youth residential treatment program.
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The Observer
Resources and hope are out there for those affected by domestic violence and intimate partner violence.
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Dr. Shani Buggs, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at UC Davis, wants to see more studies related to Black women who
Dr. Shani Buggs lends expertise to the local and national discussion.
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Community members listen to VCU Massey Cancer Center Director Robert Winn during his district walk in late March in Highland Spr
A "high touch" approach to building trust, reducing health inequities, and increase diversity in clinical trials for cancer.
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People wait in line for the monkeypox vaccine in Los Angeles on July 27, 2022.
“It can happen to anybody. It doesn’t care about your age, your race or orientation. Just look at my kids.”
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Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
More than 100 people responded to a call from the Democrat and Chronicle for their favorite tree in Rochester.
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When Anjali Kour’s husband abandoned her in India in 2017 after a 15-year abusive marriage, she lost everything – her home, her finances, and her child.
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Maria (left) and Soledad (right), who wish to remain anonymous, live and work on the Nipomo Mesa. Maria has asthma and Soledad e
Public health officials have known for years that air quality year-round is often poor on the Nipomo Mesa in South San Luis Obispo County. It can cause severe health issues for people in the area — especially people of color and those with low incomes.
(Photo by Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash)
A new law meant to curb domestic abuse runs up against judges who know little about it.
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Hiki i ka hana ke kāpae i ka huakaʻi hoʻoluhi a hoʻēmi i ka paʻapū ʻana ma nā kikowaena hoʻomaʻemaʻe koko e nui aʻe ana ma ka mokuʻāina.
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The nation's top infectious disease specialist will join us for a conversation with national health reporter Dan Diamond of The Washington Post. We’ll talk about the evolving threat posed by monkeypox, the current state of the COVID pandemic, and broader lessons on how we respond to emerging diseases. Sign-up here!


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