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Maine lawmakers and health officials realized easy access to prescription opioids was creating dependency issues and clamped down, but did not anticipate how well the illegal drug market would fill the void.
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Nikole Powell’s father developed an opioid use disorder after a work injury, a dependence that traumatized his family and eventually led to his incarceration and death. His daughter is trying to break the cycle.
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Headshots of men and women reporters.
This year's Fellowship class is a diverse and talented group of print, digital and radio journalists from all corners of the state.
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 “El amor no debe doler,” or “Love shouldn't hurt” read the T-shirts promoting a clinic to support victims of domestic violence.
Calls to Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Council Hotline in 2020 rose 43% from the year before.
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Drone footage of Joseph Avenue at Berlin Street shows a lack of trees and canopy in this part of Rochester
The city today recognizes the need to add tree cover in certain neighborhoods but so far there is little evidence of a concrete plan to do so.
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(Photo by City of Minneapolis Archives via Flickr/Creative Commons)
Thirty years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was ready to declare syphilis a dead disease. The cure was simple: Penicillin. We had defeated smallpox in 1949. The elimination of syphilis felt like an inevitable medical success. But in 2014, Fresno County issued a health alert for
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Dr. Candice McElroy, seen March 14, is medical director at Sacopee Valley Health Center in Porter. McElroy said when she began w
Twenty years after Purdue Pharma introduced its pain medication, OxyContin, Maine lawmakers passed a bill that significantly stemmed the flow of pain pills into the state.
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(Photo by Brian Auer via Flickr/Creative Commons)
As the debate continues, officials have failed to study whether the state’s existing conservatorship system even works.
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Also, new reporting outlines how devastating COVID has been for those with diabetes.
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(Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)
“Parents of young children should be as worried about RSV as they are about COVID,” said one professor of pediatrics.
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Sanger ISD's director of student intervention, Ann Hughes, works with students in a social skills class at the Linda Tutt Learni
A Houston Chronicle investigation found that at no point since 2013 did any Texas school district have the nationally or state recommended student-to-provider ratios in four positions that are key to providing mental health support for children — nurses, counselors, case workers and psychologists.
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