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Child standing between Grandparents
— Pandemic adds new challenge for aging caregivers
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Students practice mindfulness practice
Educators in low-income communities embraced meditation as a way to help students manage stress and anxiety in school. Can it help kids cope with being stuck at home?
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detention center
Los Angeles Times reporters Andrea Castillo and Paloma Esquivel discuss their investigation into cases of abuse and violence in the state's private federal detention centers run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: STAT is looking for a data project manager. Insider is seeking a sleep reporter
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In this week's Coronavirus Files, the CDC shrinks quarantines; vaccines imminent; race impacts COVID-19 testing, vaccination and distance learning
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A Culver City gun store in 2019.
This year saw upticks in California gun sales around the time of the stay-at-home order and when demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter swept the country.
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 A “For Rent” sign is seen on a building Hollywood, California.
With homelessness rates skyrocketing in the city, some tenants face a choice of living in substandard housing or living on the streets.
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The sign that used to mark the entrance to Grand View Apartments, where hundreds of renters lived with poor conditions for years
The second story in The Tribune’s “Substandard of Living” series examining the experiences of low-income renters living in poorly maintained housing in San Luis Obispo County.
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Drive-thru COVID-19 testing clinic at Portland Community College Cascade campus on Dec. 2.
"Getting a vaccine is always an expression of brotherly love."
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(Image by Eric Fischer via Flickr/Creative Commons)
Aaron Williams, formerly with The Washington Post and now with Netflix, shared a behind-the-scenes look at some of his most innovative projects.
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A homeless man lies on the grass in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles in May.
A new data-driven reporting project will examine the correlations between public health, homelessness and socioeconomic status.
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COVID-19 has made every journalist a health reporter, whether their usual beat is crime, education or county government.  Our 2021 California Fellowship will make anyone who attends a better health reporter -- and give you a reporting grant of $2,000-$10,000 and five months of mentoring while you work on an ambitious project. Deadline to apply: March 1.

In our next webinar, we’ll analyze Biden’s COVID-19 strategy in the first 100 days — and the huge obstacles the new federal effort must confront. We’ll also look at how Biden plans to address the economic devastation wrought by the pandemic, with a focus on women and vulnerable families. Sign-up here!


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