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Marissa Espiritu / CapRadio
The way a survivor is questioned about the details surrounding a sexual assault can greatly influence their ability to access memories of that traumatic incident.
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picture of vaccination site
As U.S. vaccination rates plummet, an expert panel discusses whether new incentives such as prizes and lotteries could help the country meet its vaccination goal.
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Volunteers help load boxes of food into vehicles after asking drivers how many boxes of food they want on June 4, 2021.
How a federal program to help farmers during the pandemic is changing the local food landscape
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Kathy Curry of New Orleans cries as she learns that her daughter cannot make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Why journalists should take data on the pandemic’s toll on people of color with a grain of salt.
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Rosa Mejia (L) listens as a mariachi band plays during a burial service for her husband Gilberto Arreguin Camacho, 58
Dozens of musicians have died. Hundreds have been infected. With no other source of income, many had no choice but to risk viral exposure and perform.
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The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services headquarters
Most states have state-administered systems that avoid many of the inconsistencies that have plagued NC child protective services.
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Luz Vazquez Hernandez in her room in Mulberry, Florida.
This story was produced by Janine Zeitlin, a participant in the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism's 2020 Data Fellowship.
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Local agricultural workers have been on the job, in person, throughout the pandemic
Community groups in Santa Barbara County have prioritized outreach in multiple languages and addressed risks of shared working, transportation and living environments for workers.
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All photos by Lexis-Olivier Ray for L.A. TACO.
This is the second investigative article by Lexis-Olivier Ray that was produced as a project for the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s 2020 Data Fellowship.
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Paige Rosemond, Wake County Division of Child Welfare director, works from her home office in Wake Forest.
Troubled data system, loose compliance with standards, local autonomy, training and pay disparities, and resource imbalances add up to wide variation in child protection policies and outcomes across North Carolina.
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Examining LGBTQ pandemic health; labeling coronavirus variants; vaccinating the immunocompromised
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