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Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer
There are only eight kids in this class at Linda Tutt Learning Center, but the chaos erupting throughout the room and spilling into the hallway would set any teacher on edge.
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Tony Alcalá, director de la Galveston Elementary School, escucha a un grupo de alumnos de cuarto grado durante el recreo en Chan
La fisura en el rendimiento ha sido una preocupación de la educación pública. Ahora la pandemia ha ampliado aún más la grieta.
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Todd Papianou, a physical education teacher at Mountain Valley High School in Rumford, battled years of severe pain with prescri
Like many patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain, Todd Papianou, a high school teacher from Rumford, knows the thin line between life-saving and life-destroying medication.
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Keith Thompson waits to get in to the Tenderloin Linkage Center in San Francisco on Feb. 8, 2022.
The new site opened amid mounting pressure on city leaders to reduce open-air drug use and skyrocketing overdose deaths in the neighborhood.
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USA Today
The White House, National Academies and now some members of Congress have called for nursing home reforms. Rep. Bobby Rush says corporations must be held accountable for pandemic deaths.
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Friends, family and neighbors stop to view crosses placed in the front yard of a home after a shooting in June 2021 in Chicago,
As the shooting in Sacramento reminds us this week, gun violence is one of the biggest public health crises in America.
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Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer
Lacking resources, she thought her mentally ill son would be safer in jail. Then he was beaten to death.
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Damon Casarez / The Guardian
Hundreds of people have been shot and killed in the industrial corridors of Wilmington, California.
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Aracelis Bonet, 50, home schools her son Adam Martinez, 14, who is affected by severe autism, in their home on October 1, 2020.
“COVID only made things worse. Delivery of services came to a screeching halt,” said one developmental pediatrician.
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Kevin White's Home
Many vulnerable Minnesotans have no idea that their county can place a hefty lien on their home to recover expenses for long-term care.
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Democrat & Chronicle
Rochester Mayor Malik Evans campaigned last year on a promise to "promote environmental justice in every neighborhood ... (while) making Rochester an environmentally friendly city of the future."
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