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New Mexico's alcohol epidemiologist, Annaliese Mayette, recommended the governor veto landmark alcohol legislation that expanded
A review of internal records and interviews with a dozen current and former health department staff show what expertise it possesses has long been muzzled or ignored.
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Brian, a Palo Alto teen who has struggled to find adequate mental health treatment. I found him and his mom after posting in a l
It's easy to feel trapped by the feeling that you need to see a story through simply because you’ve already invested significant time on it.
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Farmer Jason Othmer operates a combine as he harvests corn near Vesta, an unincorporated community in Johnson County in southeas
There are few staff to monitor Nebraska’s vast swaths of farmland, thousands of cattle feedlots, large hog operations and chicken farms. And the agencies’ own regulations don’t give the staff many tools to combat malpractice.
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Council member Liliana Bakhtiari prepares to take her seat on the dais as the Atlanta City Council held their first in person me
Ariel Hart’s reporting on gaps in medical services in Georgia was undertaken as a project for the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism 2022 National Fellowship....
Crew members work removing the signs out of the bridge from the Atlanta Medical Center on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. The doors t
Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens says Wellstar Health System received purchase offers for its Atlanta Medical Center property, and had it valued prior to publicly announcing the hospital’s closure.
New details revealed about a fatal incident within Texas’ understaffed state hospital system, where little information is made public about patients — even when they die.
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Patient Kaylen Mehlhaff meets with midwife Amanda Youngers for a regular checkup at an Indian Health Service facility in Rapid
A win for Medicaid expansion in South Dakota is a victory for public health, policy experts say, but now comes the work of ensuring the people who are eligible actually get enrolled.
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Americans Head To The Polls To Vote In The 2022 Midterm Elections
A Republican-controlled House could have big consequences for America’s ongoing battle against COVID.
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“It’s not the type of health crisis that you’re going to have neighbors come over and bring a casserole,” one advocate said.
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India Currents
Nisha thought that violence in a marriage was simply what every Indian wife ‘had to accept’ in her husband’s home. She was only 24.
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A person receiving in-home care.
South Carolina officials told Brandie Makrin that something traumatic had to happen to her 21-year-old autistic son before he could get the help he needed.
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