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Arkansas child abuse hotline operator Brittany Irby works on abuse reports at her workstation on Jan. 27
This is what happens when the hot line receives a report of alleged child maltreatment, according to interviews with Arkansas State Police and Arkansas Department of Human Services officials, state documents and state webpage.
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Brittany Irby, a state child abuse hotline operator, works on abuse reports at her workstation
Arkansas is the only state in the country in which two separate state departments conduct non-criminal investigations of suspected child maltreatment.
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Photo: Laurent Fievet/AFP via Getty Images
When a reporter delved into the “hidden foster care” system, she found more questions than answers.
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Biden seeks to boost vaccine supply, variants versus vaccines in deadly race, health departments struggle with vaccine equity
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(Photo by Jon S via Flickr/Creative Commons)
Eight journalists will undertake ambitious explanatory or investigative reporting on underserved communities in the state.
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Francisca Porchas, the founder of the Latinx Therapist Action Network
"The stress of my own personal experiences led me to dig deeper into how immigrant women were faring through the pandemic."
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(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Why are students turning to social media to report sexual harm rather than parents or school administrators?
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Sequel Youth & Family Services announced this week that it will close Wyoming residential campus Normative Services Inc. “after
A Wyoming treatment center where California had long sent troubled youth will shut down in March, following a Chronicle and Imprint investigation into violent abuse at its campus and others operated by Sequel Youth & Family Services.
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(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
From expanding Medicaid to making telehealth changes permanent, here's what a diverse group of health policy experts would prioritize in 2021.
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 (Photo by justin lincoln via Flickr/Creative Commons)
"For years, I avoided stories I deemed too personal. Until the day I couldn’t."
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Health Affairs is looking for an editorial assistant, Medpage Today is seeking an enterprise and investigative reporter.
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Domestic violence affects tens of millions of Americans every year. Yet media outlets mostly treat incidents as "cops" items, if they cover them at all, as opposed to treating domestic violence as a public health problem. Our free two-day symposium will help journalists understand the root causes and promising prevention, intervention and treatment approaches.  Plus participants will be able to apply for grants to report California-focused projects.

Are you passionate about helping journalists understand and illuminate the social factors that contribute to health and health disparities at a time when COVID-19 has highlighted the costs of such inequities? Looking to play a big role in shaping journalism today in the United States? The USC Center for Health Journalism seeks an enterprising and experienced journalism leader for our new position of “Manager of Projects.” 



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