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I am a journalist with twenty five years of experience. I have worked as reporter in United States and Mexico. During the last ten years I worked for a weekly newspaper Enlace, which is part of the San Diego Union-Tribune. During that time, I covered two very important issues for Latinos: Education and Health.

While covering Education, I met Maria Chavez, former Executive Director for the San Diego County Office of Education, Migrant Education Program, a federal program focusing in the education of farmer-workers and their children, in San Diego and Orange Counties.

SAN MARCOS, CA.- A María Chávez su gordura le molestó por años. Pero fue hasta que el sobrepeso trajo a su vida dolor y pérdidas que se decidió a combatirlo.

Chávez, 48 años, es directora de Educación Migrante en el condado de San Diego y Orange. Un programa de apoyo educativo dirigido a los hijos de campesinos y sus padres.

Chávez pesaba 184 libras hace año y medio cuando empezó una nueva forma de vida. Ya perdió 26 libras y quiere eliminar dos más para llegar al peso recomendado por el médico.

Pero no es todo.

Soy una reportera con 25 años de experiencia y he trabajado como periodista en Estados Unidos y México. Durante los últimos diez años estuve asignada, por el semanario en Español Enlace - es parte del diario San Diego Union-Tribune-, para cubrir dos temas cruciales para los Latinos: educación y salud.

Así conocí a María Chávez, quien era, hasta hace poco, directora del Programa de Educación Migrante en los condados de San Diego y Orange. Un programa federal que ayuda a los campesinos y a sus hijos en los asuntos escolares.

HYDERABAD SINDH: Every year 0.4 million children died in Pakistan during or after birth. Most of them can't celebrate their 1st birth day, among them 80,000 thousand died due to Pneumonia, which is the leading cause death. Dr. Salma sheikh, Director Mother & Child Division Liaquat University of Medical and Health science in Press conference at Hyderabad press club.

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In the annals of twin research, the twisted story of the identical Blankenburg brothers could fill a volume.

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Each month, the San Francisco public radio station KQED airs an hour-long program called Health Dialogues that delves deeply into such topics as food safety, asthma, swine flu and environmental health.

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Tom Philpott, food editor for Grist, has been calling for an investigation into the connection between H1N1, or swine flu, and actual swine.

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Dr. Pam, whom I just began following on Twitter, shares this interesting article about which medicine will define America as we head toward historic health reform. Worth a read. If the New England Journal is having this debate, it suggests a sea change in thinking about medicine and medical technology and its role in improving health for all. Please share your thoughts!

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Evan George graduated with a history degree from Occidental College. His mentor was legendary Los Angeles Times writer Bob Sipchen, who got George interested in journalism. George spent some time at the late, lamented LA Alternative and the Los Angeles Downtown News before joining the legal news team at the Los Angeles Daily Journal two years ago.

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All Dr. Narinder Kumar had to do to stay in practice was make one phone call a day.

The phone call was a little unusual but straightforward. Kumar, a pediatrician in Davenport, Iowa, had to call a lab with a contract with the Iowa Board of Medicine to find out whether he had to give a urine sample that day. Kumar had agreed to this arrangement in May 2006.

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On Monday, I listened in on a telephone press briefing on the impact of national health reform on Californians. The briefing, sponsored by the California advocacy group Health Access, highlighted new research from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, the UC-Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and the labor-backed advocacy group Health Care For America Now (HCAN).

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