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The new facility is expected to open in November 2023 and will have 18 hemodialysis stations.
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(Photo by Annika Gordon/Unsplash)
Pretending that periods don’t exist doesn’t make them disappear, but it does contribute to the widesperad problem of menstrual poverty.
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Parents and children take part in a toddler socialization gathering at the  Children’s Institute.
Why early childhood programs are increasingly focused on a two-generational approaches to mental health care.
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The twisted remains of a van that had been transporting members of the University of the Southwest’s golf teams through West Tex
Despite the immense human toll that injury inflicts on the American populace, there is a distinct lack of public and political awareness.
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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
The goal is to shift calls away from police. But as the launch begins, most communities are not prepared.
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Meanwhile, school lockdowns reversed progress for Latino education, and the wait for Novavax is nearly over.
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(Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds via AFP/Getty Images)
“As people start to age they feel invisible, discarded, even,” said Priscilla Essert, during our phone interview in late March....
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Duane Hollow Horn Bear beside his great-grandfather, Chief Hollow Horn Bear, a prominent Lakota leader who fought for his people
The first in a three-part series following the intergenerational effects that the United States government’s century and a half practice of placing Indian children in boarding schools has had on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
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CT scan shown.
ProPublica reporter Duaa Eldeib and oncologist Dr. Kashyap Patel describe the still-unfolding crisis.
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(Photo courtesy of San Antonio Express News)
Many of the most financially disadvantaged have a common story — they were hindered from taking proactive steps toward family planning.
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Trial By Fire
Leena met her firstborn daughter 22 years after she was kidnapped as a baby. But it was not the reunion she had hoped for.
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