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Left with only emergency care, many uninsured immigrants in California face the same dilemma

Cristino Abarca-Martínez receives care from a coworker because he doesn't have any family in the U.S.
Photographer: José Estrella
Access to Care
The USC Center for Health Journalism Collaborative
May 01, 2019

An undocumented immigrant bystander was shot seven times in the legs during an attempted robbery in Stockton, California. While receiving medical care, he learned that the hospital staff would provide only immediate help to save his life. Since he didn't have medical insurance, he wasn't eligible to receive the physical therapy services he needed afterwards. Hundreds of uninsured immigrants living in California face the same dilemma. 

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About This Series

This project results from an innovative reporting venture – the USC Center for Health Journalism News Collaborative – which involves print and broadcast outlets across California, all reporting together on the state’s uninsured. Outlets include newspapers from the McClatchy Corp., Gannett Co., Southern California News Group, and La Opinion, as well as broadcasters at Univision and Capital Public Radio. 

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Topics in this Series

  • Affordability
  • Access to Care
  • Expanding Coverage
  • Undocumented & Uninsured
  • Legislative Fixes