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Claudia J. Hernandez

Expert Profile

Claudia J. Hernandez

Ph.D candidate
Latino health, curanderos, natural healing, traditional healing


Claudia J. Hernandez is pursuing a Ph.D. in Culture and Performance in the World Arts and Cultures Department at the University of California at Los Angeles. Her research interests are in Latina/o religion, spirituality and healing practices in Los Angeles. Mrs. Hernandez' work seeks to understand the ways Proyecto Jardín was conceived, how it physically manifests as a place of healing, and how place contributes to the development and enactment of individual and community identities among Latina/os. She also studies the ways the site serves health needs and the agendas of social and environmentalist activists who emphasize self-sustainability and cultural pride through spiritual ceremonies, celebrations, art and health awareness events. Her dissertation (in progress) is entitled "Healing Strategies Among Latina/os at Proyecto Jardín Community Garden in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles."

Mrs. Hernandez is co-author of "Botanicas: Sites of Healing and Community Support," in Botanica Los Angeles: Latino Popular Religion in Los Angeles, edited by Patrick A. Polk, and co-author of "Miraculous Migrants to the City of Angels: Perceptions of El Santo Niño de Atocha and San Simun as Sources of Help and Healing," in Religious Healing in Urban America, edited by Linda Barnes and Susan Sered.

Los Angeles
United States


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