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Craig Benham

Expert Profile

Craig Benham

Associate Director, Genome Center; Professor, Mathematics
University of California, Davis
biomedical engineering
DNA structure and bioinformatics
DNA and gene function


The Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility, a $90 million building at UC Davis, houses the UC Davis Center for Genomics and other research groups in biomedical sciences. Leading the center is Associate Director Craig Benham, an expert in DNA structure and bioinformatics. Benham believes that working out the information content of genome sequences and how their genes are regulated together are the next challenges in genomic science. Benham, who also has appointments in the departments of mathematics and biomedical engineering, is a mathematician who studies how the structure of DNA and stresses on the molecule can affect gene function. Before joining UC Davis, he was a professor of biomathematical sciences at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Contact: Craig Benham, Biomedical Engineering, ,

UC Davis Genome Center
One Shields Avenue
Davis  California  95616
United States
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(530) 754-9647; (530) 554 9137
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