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Douglas D. Richman

Expert Profile

Douglas D. Richman

Director, Center for AIDS Research
University of California, San Diego
HIV/AIDS research
antiviral drugs and drug resistance
latent infection of blood lymphocytes by HIV
interaction of HIV and different cells of the immune system
viral nef gene, responsible for making HIV more infectious
lymphocyte cell killing by apoptosis


Dr. Douglas D. Richman is director of UCSD's Center for AIDS Research and director of the Research Center for AIDS and HIV Infection at VA San Diego Healthcare System. He is also a professor of pathology and medicine at UCSD and the Florence Seeley Riford Chair in AIDS Research. A virologist, Richman was among the early AIDS investigators who led several of the original drug treatment studies of HIV infection. His lab first identified HIV drug resistance and was one of the original labs to describe latent infection of blood lymphocytes by HIV. An international HIV/AIDS expert, Richman is a member of the global panel of AIDS experts who published a May 2000 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association with recommendations for drug resistance testing in HIV patients. He is a member of the International AIDS Society-USA, and he has chaired the Steering Committee on Research and Drug Development for the World Health Organization's Global Programme on AIDS. His research interests include antiviral drugs and drug resistance; the interaction of HIV and different cells of the immune system; the viral nef gene, which appears to make HIV more infectious; and the mechanism of lymphocyte cell killing by apoptosis.

9500 Gilman Drive # 0679
La Jolla  California  92093
United States
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