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Katherine A. Flores

Expert Profile

Katherine A. Flores

Latino Center for Medical Education and Research, UCSF Fresno
medical education for Latinos in the San Joaquin Valley
shortage of Latino health care professionals in the San Joaquin Valley
cultural competency in medicine
mentoring and tutoring services for educationally disadvantaged students
family medicine


Dr. Katherine A. Flores is director of the Latino Center for Medical Education and Research Center, a unit of the UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program. The center is intended to address the serious shortage of Latino physicians and other health care professionals in the area by guiding individuals to become health care professionals who ultimately return to the San Joaquin Valley and provide culturally competent health care services to the medically underserved. The center is working to create a strong educational pipeline within Fresno County public schools by recruiting, mentoring and tutoring Latino students and other educationally disadvantaged students. Flores is a family physician who also directs multiple large institutional medical education programs, including the California Borders Health Education and Training Center (HETC) program, Partnerships for Health Professions Education (PHPE), and the Hispanic Centers of Excellence (HCOE). She enjoys a statewide reputation for leadership in education of Latino health professionals. A bilingual/bicultural valley native from a migrant farm worker family, she has first-hand experience with the obstacles that disadvantaged students face.

550 East Shaw Avenue, Suite 210
Fresno  California  93710
United States
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(559) 241-7671, (415) 476-3882
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