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Kim Belshé

Expert Profile

Kim Belshé

California Health and Human Services Agency
health, social services and rehabilitative polices in California
leadership in government health care administration
expanded health insurance coverage
teenage and unintended pregnancies
tobacco use prevention


Kimberly Belshé was appointed secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in November 2003. Belshé is a member of the governor's cabinet and serves as his chief advisor on health, social services and rehabilitative policies. Belshé manages an agency of almost 33,000 employees, with a total state budget of about $70 billion. The agency oversees 11 state departments and one board that are responsible for providing Californians with health, developmental, mental, rehabilitative, social and other critical services. As secretary, Belshé is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the agency's departments in their individual and collective efforts to promote the health and well-being of the people of California, particularly those most in need and at risk. Belshé served in a number of leadership positions in state government under the administration of Gov. Pete Wilson, including deputy secretary of the then-Health and Welfare Agency and director of the Department of Health Services. As state health director, Belshé provided leadership in the state's efforts to expand health insurance coverage for low-income children and pregnant women, reverse teenage and unintended pregnancies, combat tobacco use and advance a broad prevention agenda. As one of the founding commissioners of the California Children and Families Commission, Belshé served as vice chairperson and contributed to efforts to improve the oral health of young children. After a decade of public service in federal and state government, Belshé served as program director for The James Irvine Foundation, a multipurpose foundation dedicated to expanding opportunities for the people of California. Throughout her career, Belshé has also served in a number of civic and public capacities. She is a board member of the Great Valley Center, which is dedicated to promoting the sustainability of California's Central Valley region, and the Crocker Art Museum. Belshé received her M.A. degree in public and international affairs from Princeton University and her B.A. degree in government from Harvard.

1600 Ninth St., Room 460
Sacramento  California  95814
United States
Office Phone: 
(916) 654-3454
Office Fax: 
(916) 654-3343


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