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Laurel Beckett

Expert Profile

Laurel Beckett

Professor; Biostatistics Division Chief; Vice-Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences
University of California, Davis
statistical methods to evaluate chronic disease
biology, etiology and treatment of disease
analyzing statistical data on Alzheimer's, AIDS, cancer, hypertension and pulmonary disease


Laurel Beckett is vice chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences at UC Davis. She is also a professor and chief of the Biostatistics Division. Her research focuses on statistical methods for longitudinal data, population-based studies, and translational research between basic science and clinical medicine. She does collaborative research using these methods for studies of chronic diseases, especially the relationship between biology, etiology, and treatment. Her research includes work on Alzheimer's, AIDS, cancer, hypertension, and pulmonary disease.

Biostatistics Unit, UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences
Med Sci 1-C
Davis  California  95616
United States
Office Phone: 
(530) 754-7161
Office Fax: 
(530) 752-3118


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