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Margo Wootan

Expert Profile

Margo Wootan

Director, Nutrition Policy
Center for Science in the Public Interest
national nutrition policy
legislative advocacy for nutrition issues
caloric and trans fat labeling of foods
improving school food
junk-food marketing
nutrition promotion at the community level


Margo Wootan is director of nutrition policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, or CSPI, a leading consumer advocacy organization that specializes in food, nutrition and public health issues. She co-founded and coordinates the activities of the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA), a coalition of national, state and local organizations. She is a member of the National 5 A Day Partnership steering committee and co-chairs the Policy Subcommittee for the Partnership. Wootan leads efforts to require trans fat labeling, improve school foods, require calorie labeling in fast-food and other chain restaurants, expand nutrition and physical activity promotion and funding, and reduce junk-food marketing aimed at children. She also is director of CSPI's award-winning 1% or Less campaign, a community-based nutrition promotion program. She has testified before Congress and state legislatures and has been invited to speak at the National Nutrition Summit, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Surgeon General's Listening Session for the National Action Plan on Overweight and Obesity. She received her B.S. in nutrition from Cornell University and her doctorate in nutrition from Harvard University's School of Public Health.

1220 L Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington  20005
United States
Office Phone: 
(202) 777-8354
Office Fax: 
(202) 265-4954


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