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Martin Fenstersheib

Expert Profile

Martin Fenstersheib

Health Officer
Santa Clara County
health of Santa Clara County residents
communicable disease control
HIV/AIDS services
community health
preventive medicine


Dr. Martin Fenstersheib is the health officer for Santa Clara County. In this state-appointed role, Fenstersheib works closely with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, part of the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System. Fenstersheib began working for Santa Clara County in 1984 and has served as its health officer and public health medical director since 1994. He is board-certified in pediatrics, public health and preventive medicine. He is also chair of the department of community health and preventive medicine at Valley Medical Center and vice president for community health at the Santa Clara County Medical Association. Fenstersheib also is past president of the California Conference of Local Health Officers. Fenstersheib has a part-time clinical practice at the Ira Greene Positive PACE Clinic, the county's HIV/AIDS clinic.

976 Lenzen Avenue, 2nd Floor
San Jose  California  95128
United States
Office Phone: 
(408) 792-3798
Office Fax: 
(408) 792-3799


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