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Natalia M. Molina

Expert Profile

Natalia M. Molina

Associate Professor, History
University of California, San Diego
social and cultural impacts on the perception of disease and health
intersection of race and gender with disease and health
public health attitudes toward Mexican, Chinese and Japanese immigrants


Natalia M. Molina is an assistant professor of ethnic studies at UCSD. She is interested in how social and cultural values shape human understandings of issues related to disease and health, especially in regards to how they intersect with race and gender. Specifically, she researches the institution of public health and demonstrates how through its programs, discourse, and production of knowledge, public health officials in Los Angeles at the turn of the last century imbued meaning into the categories Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese. Molina is working on a manuscript that speaks to the ways we think about race. Her work will examine public health attitudes towards Mexican, Chinese and Japanese immigrants in early 20th century Los Angeles. Molina has also published on topics relating to comparative ethnicities, citizenship, immigration, and Los Angeles. Molina joined the UCSD faculty in 2001 and received a Ford post-doctoral fellowship for the academic year 2003-2004.

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