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Rebecca Landa

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Rebecca Landa

Center for Autism and Related Disorders/REACH Research Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute
autism, speech-language pathologist


Dr. Landa received her BA in Speech Pathology and Audiology summa cum laude from Towson State University, and went on to obtain a summa MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Penn State, followed by a PhD at the University of Washington in 1985. She pursued postgraduate work at the University of Maryland, Washington State College of Veterinary Medicine, and Johns Hopkins, and worked extensively as a speech-language pathologist before joining the Hopkins faculty in 1989.

Dr. Landa is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and reviews the Autism Society of America Foundation's grants. She serves on both the Maryland State Department of Education Autism Task Force, the First Signs Clinical Advisory Board, and the Working Committee on Brain Growth Factors in Autism at NINDS. Dr. Landa is a recipient of the National Institute of Mental Health's Shannon Award for excellent and innovative research design and content, the Rita Rudel Prize for Research in Developmental Neuropsychology, and the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association's prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Field.

REACH Research Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute
3901 Green Spring Avenue Professional Building, 2nd Floor
Baltimore  Maryland  21211
United States
Office Phone: 
(443) 923-7680
Office Fax: 
(443) 923-7560


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