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Robert (Bob) Rybicki

Expert Profile

Robert (Bob) Rybicki

Executive Director
Youth and Family Enrichment Services


Bob joined Youth and Family Assistance as Executive Director in 2002 and successfully guided the agency's recent merger with Family and Community Enrichment Services, Inc. Prior to that, Bob served as CEO of Shanti, a San Francisco non-profit agency that serves people with terminal diseases. During his five-year tenure at Shanti, Bob expanded the agency's scope and tripled its budget to $5.2 million. Originally from Chicago, Bob is a graduate of Loyola University and has earned master's degrees from the University of Illinois and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary. Over a 25-year career, Bob has served as a high-ranking official at several major non-profit agencies and was assistant commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, where he supervised a staff of 100 and managed a $5 million administrative budget. From an early career in the ministry to his current position as executive director of Youth and Family Enrichment Services, Bob has exhibited the exemplary leadership skills and financial acumen that made him the prime candidate for successfully steering both agencies through the merger process.Youth and Family Enrichment Services (YFES) is a private, nonprofit agency in San Mateo County that provides a wide array of free and low-cost services to help children, teens and adults who are dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health, relationship and communication issues.

610 Elm Street, Suite 212
San Carlos  California  94070
United States
Office Phone: 
(650) 591-9623 x112
Office Fax: 
(650) 591-9750


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