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Susan Fernyak

Expert Profile

Susan Fernyak

Director, Communicable Disease Control and Prevention
San Francisco Department of Public Health
communicable disease control and prevention in San Francisco
immunization programs
epidemiology and disease control
smallpox vaccination program
severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS


Dr. Susan Fernyak is deputy health officer for San Francisco and director of the Department of Public Health's Communicable Disease Control and Prevention section. Her section is responsible for epidemiology, surveillance and disease control, immunization programs and bioterrorism preparedness and response. As director, she has managed San Francisco's smallpox vaccination program and the city and county's response to SARS. Her current focus is on the development of an infectious disease emergency response plan that can be used to respond to many different diseases, including pandemic flu, anthrax, smallpox and other infectious disease threats. Fernyak is a practicing internist, did a fellowship at UCSF in AIDS prevention, and has worked as a consultant for the World Health Organization and UNAIDS.

101 Grove Street, Room 400
San Francisco  California  94102
United States
Office Phone: 
(415) 554-2845
Office Fax: 
(415) 554-2854


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