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Terry Raymer

Expert Profile

Terry Raymer

Family Practitioner and Medical Advisor
Alaska Native Medical Center
health of Native Americans in Humboldt and Del Norte counties
diabetes prevention in Native American communities
health of Native American children
cardiovascular disease in Native American populations
indigenous people and Type 2 diabetes


Dr. Terry Raymer works witht the Alaska Native Medical Center. Previously, he was a family practitioner and medical advisor at United Indian Health Services in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. He served as project director for the Diabetes Prevention Demonstration Project and medical advisor for community health and wellness at United Indian Health Services. He has served as an adviser to Indian Health Services in California on diabetes since 1998. Raymer was a contributor to IHS guidelines regarding Diabetes Standards of Care and a contributor to prevention and treatment guidelines for Type 2 diabetes in children for the Committee on Native American Children's Health. He presents at numerous Indian Health Services meetings and regional conferences on diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He was contributing author for the book \"Indigenous Peoples & Diabetes Community Empowerment and Wellness.\"

4315 Diplomacy Drive
Anchorage  Alaska  99508
United States
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