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Thomas R. Moore

Expert Profile

Thomas R. Moore

Chair, Reproductive Medicine
University of California, San Diego
reproductive medicine
high-risk pregnancies
fetal diseases
amniotic fluid regulation
community-based projects to manage teen pregnancy


Dr. Thomas R. Moore is chair of reproductive medicine at the UCSD School of Medicine and director of the school's maternal-fetal medicine fellowship training program. Moore is an expert on fetal diseases and high-risk and problem pregnancies. Moore's research focus is the biology of mother and fetus, and his research of amniotic fluid regulation is widely cited. His clinical specialties include all aspects of maternal-fetal medicine, especially fetal movement, diabetes and pregnancy, amniotic fluid volume and fetal diagnosis. He pioneered the \"low-tech, high-touch\" technique of having the expectant mother count the number of the kicks of her fetus, a method now widely used as a reliable monitor of fetal health. He is also a leading proponent of the importance of prenatal care for medically underserved women and oversees community-based projects to manage teen pregnancy. He has spearheaded many women's health projects, including developing a \"Baby Hotline\" -\" a regional resource that promotes prenatal care by linking pregnant women with physicians who accept Medi-Cal insurance -\" as well as creating San Diego's first certified midwife-run birth center within a hospital.

200 W. Arbor Drive # 8433
San Diego  California  92103
United States
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