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William A. Norcross

Expert Profile

William A. Norcross

Professor, Family Medicine
University of California, San Diego
training for primary care physicians
future of health care
courses to imrpove physician education
physician-patient communication


Dr. William A. Norcross is a professor of family medicine at the UCSD School of Medicine. At UCSD Medical Center, Hillcrest, he studies the future of health care and the role of the family physician. Norcross has collected data over two decades on the practices of residency-trained family physicians and the role of the primary care physician. Norcross also serves as director of the Physician Assessment and Clinical Education program, or PACE, a physician course to improve physician education in all specialties, including physician-patient communication. Norcross received his M.M.S. from Rutgers Medical School and his M.D. from Duke University.

200 W. Arbor Drive #8204
San Diego  California  92103-8204
United States
Office Phone: 
(858) 543-6770
Office Fax: 
(858) 543-2353


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