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Health policy

Picture of Spencer Kent
The worst pandemic in a century has ravaged Newark and its Black community. It was a tragedy decades in the making.
Picture of Brenda Gazzar
In a recent survey, more than three-quarters of nursing home residents said they did not leave their rooms to socialize.
Picture of Rachel Monahan
"Getting a vaccine is always an expression of brotherly love."
Picture of Marina Riker
Whether a woman delivers by cesarean has less to do with her health than the hospital she goes to. Case in point: Doctors Hospital of Laredo, where rates of surgical intervention during childbirth are way above the norm. Experts say something isn’t right.
Picture of Marina Riker
Two Texas hospitals performed episiotomies at rates four to six times the recommended level last year. But women giving birth should know: You have the final say.
Picture of Alan Yu
The city has long struggled to make progress in improving the health of mothers and newborns. Do these shutdowns lead to worse care?
Picture of Gabrielle Emanuel
The data tell a disturbing story about how the U.S. has failed to invest in the health and future of some of the most vulnerable among us.
Picture of Elise Reuter
Hospitals and insurance companies use a variety of algorithms to calculate risk, but they don’t always yield equitable results.
Picture of Matthew Brannon
In recent years, the jail has also seen the number of deaths in custody tick upward. Most of those deaths are suicides, a category of deaths some jail experts have deemed “mostly preventable.”



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