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Health policy

Picture of Ida Mojadad
San Francisco health officials are looking at how to improve access, outreach as untapped funds reach $409 million.
Picture of Jessica Bedolla
This story was produced as part of a large project by Jessica Bedolla, a participant in the 2020 National Fellowship, who is exploring, researching and reporting the impact of this worldwide pandemic in communities along the border. 
Picture of Niharika Sathe
A doctor who cares for underserved patients finds her efforts are often rendered useless by systemic barriers to care.
Picture of Claudia Boyd-Barrett
Families share experiences of living through the pandemic and what help they still need.
Picture of Kellie  Schmitt
President-elect Biden will likely move quickly to undo a slew of Trump-era health care policies.
Picture of Kaitlin Cimini
Salinas and Monterey County as a whole are some of the least affordable places to live in the U.S., per the 2019 Harvard State of the Nation's housing study.
Picture of Anita Hofschneider
Indigenous burial traditions were already threatened by economic pressures and changing cultures. Then the pandemic struck.
Picture of Brenda Gazzar
Nursing home workers like Eyvette Diane Pascascio are among the most vulnerable and arguably most overlooked heroes of this pandemic.
Picture of Peter Johnson
Consolidation is changing heatlh care — and how much it costs — in almost every corner of the country.
Picture of William Heisel
Post-election shifts in COVID-19 policies offer reporters a great opportunity for compare-and-contrast stories.



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