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posted 11/23/2021
Comparing Medicare plans proves tough sledding — even for a veteran journalist tracking such plans for decades.
posted 10/21/2021
Why Medicare advocates worry deeply about any moves that erode the program’s universal reach among seniors.
posted 09/30/2021
If drug price negotiation fails, Democrats lose funding for much of their current health care plans.
posted 09/14/2021
While hospitals often deflect blame to other sectors of health care, there’s no question they play an outsized role in rising costs.
posted 08/02/2021
The media has largely taken a pass on covering the dark side of Medicare Advantage plans, so people don't understand how the plans’ cost-sharing and provider networks really work.
posted 06/30/2021
The media, the medical community, and academic drug experts all quickly questioned the FDA’s approval process — a rare occurrence.
posted 06/16/2021
Plans for adding a public option to the Affordable Care Act have stalled as the president punts the issue to Congress.
posted 06/01/2021
Holdout states are turning to some surprising tactics to keep voter-led pushes for Medicaid expansion off the table.
posted 05/05/2021
State legislators in a dozen states continue to oppose expansion, with their talking points echoing across state lines.
posted 03/26/2021
We're spending a ton of money to prop up our private insurance system, our columnist argues.

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