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posted 05/11/2020
 What can we learn from the Italians, who by now are seasoned observers of the virus and the havoc it causes? An Italian health journalist shares reflections.
posted 04/23/2020
The pile-up of nursing home deaths­ from COVID-19 has seared the vulnerabilities of America’s nursing homes in the public conscience as nothing else has.
posted 04/13/2020
Now more than ever, reporters need to be ready to communicate coverage alternatives to their audiences as layoffs sweep the nation.
posted 04/01/2020
A veteran health journalist checks in with reporters in the American heartland to see what they're covering — and how they're faring.
posted 03/05/2020
How unaffordable must health care become before the country's political stalemate lets through some legislative solutions?
posted 02/10/2020
With crucial health insurance protections hanging in the balance, journalists need to be especially rigorous and well-informed on health care policy as the campaigns unfold.
posted 01/28/2020
The American College of Physicians is calling for either a single-payer system or a government-run public option. "This is huge!" according to contributor Trudy Lieberman.
posted 01/08/2020
Having health insurance is no guarantee American families won't suddenly find themselves financially underwater, as reporter Jacob Margolis recently discovered.
posted 12/09/2019
How the media's relentless focus on potential problems and downsides to any more inclusive health system helps preserve the existing arrangement, which seems to profit everyone but patients.
posted 11/13/2019
Medicare reporting, once a staple of health care journalism, has largely disappeared from health and political beats. Seniors are paying the price.

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