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posted 07/27/2021
Why we need to expand the public health ecosystem, and other lessons from the prominent columnist and physician.
posted 06/11/2021
As U.S. vaccination rates plummet, an expert panel discusses whether new incentives such as prizes and lotteries could help the country meet its vaccination goal.
posted 05/24/2021
Criminal justice scholars Frank Edwards and Andrea Headley join ProPublica's Topher Sanders for a look at the latest efforts to advance police accountability, and how reporters can stay ahead of the story.
posted 05/03/2021
An expert panel discusses the ongoing wave of attacks, as well as how the media can cover these issues with sensitivity and nuance.
posted 04/26/2021
Investigative reporters Marisa Kwiatkowski and Melissa Jeltsen share guidance.
posted 04/12/2021
NYT's Pam Belluck joined Dr. David Putrino of the Mt. Sinai Health System to discuss what we're learning about "long COVID."
posted 03/24/2021
A survey of Californians sheds new light on how the pandemic is shifting attitudes.
posted 03/15/2021
COVID-19 "created this enormous uncertainty vacuum,” said misinformation researcher Carl Bergstrom, and into the void flowed a sea of specious claims.
posted 03/08/2021
Millions of stories are waiting to be told, and insights from our expert panel can help get you started.
posted 02/05/2021
Amy Goldstein of The Washington Post and Dr. Leana Wen of George Washington University share advice for journalists covering Biden's first 100 days.

Kellie Schmitt's Blog

“I think it would be a bit cavalier to all of a sudden say, We’re completely through with it,” Dr... more »
posted 10/06/22
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posted 08/16/22
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posted 07/15/22

Kellie Schmitt's Work

Kern's physicians come from many far-flung corners of the globe. Dr. Carlo Amazona originally from the Philippines shares how his experience growing up with no doctor made him becoming one.

Dr. Elyzabat Tadros shares her journey to become a doctor from her native Sudan to her current home in Bakersfield.

Kern's physicians come from many far-flung corners of the globe. This piece takes a look at several compelling personal journeys.

Collaborative Reporting

Recently signed legislation capped a big year for efforts to combat a regional disease long... more »